Saturday, July 17, 2010

wicked hrs..

just in a oh-so-nostalgic-mood..just came back after watching this latest movie 'Udaan'... went to the PVR near by.. tht particular complex is very close to my heart.. as its just two minutes walk from my school... whr i spent more then a decade of my life... let it be birthday celebration.. or the result thg... or the farewell party.. or the conty one... from crushes to brushes.. to short skirts to mills and boons.. to wearing saree for the first time on teachers day.. tht complex has witnessed them all..

i walked down to my school wid my lil bro... patrolling gypsy was thr at the back gate.. but who cares!!!. school looked too different at such wicked such a dark night...the buildings .. the playground... the basket ball court..all looked so different.... i could even locate the cameras... which i always wanted to break.. but being the head girl i cudnt... few more new developments here and thr.. so many school buses standing thr.. route no. 24 specially... school being not even 1 km away.. my dad used to send me in a school bus... as he thought his daughter wudnt be able to cross the road.. wanted to sty thr for a lil long.. but den bhai asked me to get inside the car..n i got a scolding to roam around so late at night as he asked me to wait at the exit...
have i turned old.. but i still feel as if i m in class 12... it seems as if it was just yesterday tht i did twelfth... its been 6 yrs though.. 2004 the yr it was wen i was out of the cocoon of my school...and after that life has never been same..
too much to achieve...
too less time...
thgs are hurrying up...
so m i....


  1. ohhh...Abhilasha,that really brought back some nice school memories for me,too..:)Maybe I'll do a post on that one of these days.:)
    Big grin at 'cameras which I always wanted to break,but couldn't ' part..:)Wow-head girl,huh?More experiences,pls..
    Haha-u feel 'old' because u came out of school in 2004?That's funny..guess when I graduatedfrom school and then college,and still feel like it's yesterday?:)
    And,the last line-too much to achieve,too less inspirational..and,I needed that today.Tku.:)

  2. nah!! not old as in old... but u know.. its somethg different... i have not changed at all.. i look just the same the way i was in school... but everyne around keeps telling me.. that i have grown up..still my parents take me like a kid.. still i m dodging between them for pocket money.. still they ask me the expenses i have made..
    guess still i m going thru the teenage crisis.. wen u really dont know whr to be categorised.. as adults or as kids..

  3. Ab kripaya nostalgic mood se baahar aayein aur kuch naya post karein!!!!