Friday, July 2, 2010

welcome back..

im back to gujarat... and i have brought rains wid me..
and above all i have made my room into a room... since husband suffers from OCD bout cleanliness he turned my room into such a prim and proper.. and here i came. thrown away my bag.. luggage bag.. magazine...he he he.. and he was like.. "baksho devi ji, room would start crying"
before i come here..i have all kind of issues.. i dont like dis.. i dont like that.... but once i m here.. i like it all... i love the place.. i love my house.. and above all i love my husband... but yes.. before coming here... i turn into a complaint box...but guess my life is much sorted here...
kept an alarm for 7.. but woke up at 6 30... got into the usual chores.. n i turned so different...
1. giving keys and pani to driver..
2. instructing maid..
3. insturucting maali bhai..

anyways.. mornign started wid a cup pf tea.. it was already laid before i woke up.. chit chatted wid ma n dad in law.. told them a funny incidents bout a gal in the coaching... someone came upto me and told me.. "u know that gal is a big shot one,she comes wid a big chauffer driven red light car" and i dont know wat prompted me and i behaved like a kid and i went like.. "have u ever noticed how i come for the class, and do u know.. i m a big shot's daughter.. and who my dad in law is" i said all this n i was like.. "wat the hell..abhilasha.. how kiddish can u get" to all dis ma in law went like to her son... dekh teri biwi padhti wadhti nahi hai wahan.. bas wahan gappe maarne jati hai...
i was like.. ma ..ek to im telling u..
dad in law was like... haan beta get ur frds home.. show them around... i was like.. ya sure.. pehle hi show off karke kam kiddish behave kiya hai.. ki ghar bhi le aaun...
guess!! diliiiwalas r just too good at the flaunting part...he he he....


  1. Aah..what relief to hear that- that you brought rains to Gujarat...much needed.:)
    Good heavens,and here I thought u woke up early to do all gharelu kaams-like, making tea and tiffin for hubby,cleaning the room,blah blah...and,it turns out it's just to give keys to driver,instructions to maali...:)ah well,woh bhi kaam hai,I guess.:)
    Re. showing off-LOL..yes,during college days, that is fun, I'd say..being one-up on other show-offs..*grins* invite them to ur home,too,like a typical dilliwala/wali..:)

  2. AMitL@- arey for me even that is too much!! for a lazy being like me... gharelu kaam and me just dont go hand in hand... i didnt even try.. i knw i cant do it...i m back to delhi though..i mite call them home..he he he,,,