Saturday, July 3, 2010 i have been tagged.. n dis one i never thought about...
i dont like ladies hand bags..i find them too eeeuuuuu..... i carrry them only wen i m travelling back and forth to delhi... i m too much of a nike adidas person... so lets see...

now for coaching...
me carrying an adidas side bag (2 of my frds have already asked me for it,,i have told them..lemme be bored of it.. den take it..) brush
3.regi many sheets of xerox material
5.comb also.
6.loads of pens.. (like 20,i have a major fetish)
7. car keys
8.small towel.
10. a mini shoe tied to the zipper of the bag..

PS: i can never keep my bags closed.. wonder how many thgs i have missed out on which mite have fallen from my bag..


  1. Oh did the tag already?That was fast.:)
    interesting list,specially the 20 pens...:)and the mini shoe..that's a keychain, I guess?:)
    And,a big hahaha to 'wonder how many things i have missed out'...

  2. AMitl@-ya its a very cute key chain..and thr is a increase in my pens.. got more from gujarat.. dad in law gets them in his meetings.. and i almost snatch them from him.. he knows he got a stationary obsessed daughter in law....apart from pens dis time i have got a water bottle also from thr.. i ll take that for coaching too.. :-) its very cute..trendy.. thermosteel thg..