Thursday, July 1, 2010

going back

i m going back to gujarat.. after a month in delhi.. it seems i was on a yr long vacation...didnt get to meet my mom.. she being occupied wid her stuff.. but i m a grown up daughter.. i understd.. how mom must be feeling that she cudnt meet me... missing mom terribly...

mom called up up yesterday and was like "beta! i m sorry i cudnt make it.. everyone is saying.. wat kinda mom u r.. ur daughter is thr.. and u are not going to meet her" i told mom "mom dont listen to anyone,i have no issues..i m a part of u..just walking outside ur body"..

everytime i go back to my ''sasural' i get terrible goosebumps.. it seems as if i m going thr for the first time.. i hve almost forgotten which thg is lying whr.. i wonder do i still know how to make a cup of tea.. m i ready to wake up by 7 again... and be alert all the time.. all set to take up my doorkeepers duty... Gosh! its pissing me off...

a check list dryer- check
2.sandals- check
3. shampoos and conditioners - check check
5. gifts- check
6. cell charger- check
7.myself- CHECK


  1. WB to Gujarat...safest place in India,I feel.:)a big grin at the checklist-I have a similar list each time I travel betn Dxb and Baroda and vice versa..haha.
    Re. being able to make tea or not-sure u will..and, Gujju style,too- shakkar maar ke, as they say..that reminds me -did u ever try 'special' tea or disco tea or golden tea at one of the larris? :)
    And, here's some tea recipes to help..*winks*..

  2. oh..and the part @ not meeting your Mom-there's always a next time,isn't there...u can think of it as 'ab dilli door nahin'..:)

  3. AmitL@- guess u r rite.. dilli is certainly door nahi.. me goign back on monday... youhuuuu... yipiieeee!!!! coaching going on... ha ha ha!!!...