Tuesday, July 27, 2010

the big bang theory

so my current addiction is "THE BIG BANG THEORY "...... its just too awesome...i watched season three in just one go... it was a delightful marathon...
all the characters r just too cool... even in my dreams i m at Sheldon's and Leonard's home...
i really like wat all Penny wears... n i have noticed one thg.. that thruout all the seasons she has not repeated even one single piece of cloth...
though Howard is little irritating.. But Raj is truly adorable...
the addiction has reached its height.. before going for the class i m watching it... after coming also while having dinner i watch it.. n coz of my this addiction i do get a good scolding too... "u r here for a purpose" .. "they ll not gonna ask wat penny wore in episode three of season two in ur exam"...and to my surprise guess i m catching the accent too.
but i really cudnt get out of dis... so i told mom.. ma plz help me i have to study but i m not able to...so mom told me u go for ur class wen u ll come back ll gt u a solution....
so now the solution is...
mom keeps the lappy in her almirah... n after i study for quite a stretch den only she takes it out... n lets me watch just one episode n keeps it back...
but i m feeling sad.. all the episodes r almost over.. den i ll be starting wid "how i met ur mother"..
n i m sure in that case.. mom wud break the lappy...
:-( :-(


  1. welcome to 'THE BIG BANG THEORY' club...its AWESUM....but i dont knw y i like FRIENDS mre than BIG BANG THEORY.....bazingaaaa!!!!...lol

  2. he he he!!!.... bazingaaaa!!!!!!!

  3. Hey...coincidence..I just started watching BBT,too...good fun...though,how you watched a whole season at one go,beats me!!!!!!
    HIMYM is also funny,albeit, in parts,na?:)
    Did you see Max Max Season 1,2 yet?

  4. And,heyy..tks for 2 new posts all of a sudden...kabhi kabhi meri advice ka kuch asar hota hai logon pe, nice to see...(the note I wrote in the nostalgia post..haha)

  5. hmmmm... ya... thats y i blogged.. cant afford to miss my only ardent follower :-) i started id season 3... now done wid season 1.. now mid way season 2..

  6. 'ardent follower'..Ahem!!I'm honoured.:)

  7. ***BIIIGGG BANGGGGGG* Now that I have your attention, agla post,please.:)