Monday, February 28, 2011

i m back..

first and foremost-Ashish sharma plz give my camera back... its been more then two months... and plz buy urs.. now since u r married.. bahut saara dahej aaya hoga.. kindly utilise... and dont u dare take my camera for ur honeymoon.. my dad is dying to have a glance of the camera... he is all set to click more then thousand pics once he gets hold of it...

anyways... lifes been ok... yeah ! well.. yes!!!.. from 12th to 23rd were the most busy days..

12th went to jammu
14th delhi..
16th rajasthan
18th guajart
23rd back to delhi..

end of it... me all tired.. head to toe

had a fabulous time wid frds at jammu....

rajasthan i went to meet my mom... was dying to meet her... i met her after like six months..thk u ma.. for being my mom....
i know i m a difficult child.. had always given u a tough time... but mom,i know u handled me so well..
tell me how r u able to read my mind... how can u come up wid exactly same wrds that i want to say... how can u simply read my eyes n recite an entire story... mom i love u..
i m thrilled to see u all busy... i m thrilled to see u handling two houses so wonderfully... i m in awe of seeing u as the son of ur family... ma gimme just 10% of wat u r.. n i m sure my life wud be sorted... mom ur scent makes my day...

classes r ok... bored i m... but den if i have taken a responsibility i have to fulfill it..

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

was standing outside the institute... the same asshole was just passing by in his car... he slowed down.. n waved at me n said hi as if we were long lost frds n meeting after a long time...
some ppl just dont realise that they are assholes...phewwww!!!!