Tuesday, June 29, 2010

wat is it about love.. saying it ten times in a day?? may be??
ever tried to force someone to love u.. ever tried to love someone forcibly..
ever tried to do a love drenched gesture without a drop of love in it....
sitting back and making one understd.. that look...u have to love.. its thr.. if its thr... does love come wid the 'entitled' relationships...or relationships come out of love...
u love someone coz' of the named relationships u share...or is it vice versa.. is it like u share a relationship coz' u love...
its instant..is it..
or conceived on the minds and then executed...
ready wid a check list??
operation terminated....

Saturday, June 19, 2010

not that i dont understd thgs... but i prefer to keep mum.. coz it hurts otherwise..its like i look dumb.. or ppl assume that i m .. or may be i show such traits... if u r good.. that certainly means fishy...is it?? or if u r not.. than definitely u r a vamp... may be i have not that great luck... that to make a fool out of me is not that difficult... to that my brother says why do u have to talk to anyone...why u want to be kicked..but can i stay as an alien.. he says try finding a middle way.. make frds,talk to them but to an extent... but is it like frdships r bound under any conditions... lately i m not making frds.. and lifes going ok.. the only instruction i get is it to grow up.. but is growing up means to be bitchy... husband (its been three years,but everytime i use this wrd 'husband' i feel weird-somewat i think i m still in class 12) got a very different ideology wid life.. he got a very suspicous nature... "if someone is doing good to u... thr must be some reason..try to find out.. if thr is not.. good..enjoy".... but i come from a different school of thoughts... my being "why to think.. if someone is trying to be smart wid u..let it be...anyways u cant do anythg bout thr smartness.." but i know my closeones r worried for me... coz i know they dont want to see me sad.. specially my brother...since he knows me in and out... "why r u always being kicked..and how many times do u want that,,why do u have to be 'Urself' wid everyone...",...but can have different facets ..no answer to this... i always say just one thg...
any mess or scuffle at the playground,never stopped me from going back again the next evening to play... life moves on... smarter ppl learn from thr mistakes... but i m fine the way it shapes for me.. not learning is absolutely ok wid me... got a tiny brain..cant mess it up wid permutations and combinations of judging ppl.. cant even give it a storage for incidents to get imprinted...
may be now i m just too scared...i m scared not just to mention it.. but i m actually scared..

Friday, June 11, 2010

I was stuck...

i was stuck... God!!. plz dont get me into such situations hereafter.. went for the class... it from 6.. it takes like an hr from whr i stay..class got over by 8.. but i wanted to talk to the sir.. so it left at 8 30.. since it was my first day so i didnt take my car... rather i went by an auto.. so that i ll get hold of the way..
but now i was stuck... no auto was thr.. and it was gettign scary.. i was even ready to travel by bus,, but i didnt know which bus goes to my place. i marched like 2 kms in search of an auto... i have never done ths.. but i even waved hand for a lift...i know its not safe.. but i had just no option.. i didnt even bother to make a call to my husband or brother.. they were calling.. finally i stopped patrolling gypsy...i asked for a lift.. but they said we are not going thr... one of my frd stays thr.. i even thought to go to her place.. and call bhai to pick me up.. but i was trying really hard..i was almost bout to cry... but i kept my fingers crossed.. and i was praying continuously 'ma plz send an auto wala..me getting late..'
finally i got an auto.. he asked for 150 bucks.. but as per meter its 95.. but i was like take 200 but drp me off...
reached home at 9:45... bhai said.. enuf of ur such trials... no more "i m the bond" thg... go wid the driver... though i nodded.. but i dont think i will ;-) ... feeling a lot uneasy...that side of delhi is way different from whr i stay.... dont want such a mess again.. Ma plz take care of me.. ma plz grant me a peaceful sleep... tomorrows class at 8 in the morning at a different place...its much more far.. got to sleep...need to wake up at 6...

Saturday, June 5, 2010

man proposes..god disposes

every time i try and answer wid all my wits and brains i never talk sense..specially wid her (college senior cum mentor cum elder sis wont say frd.) ... she asks me the most simplest questions but i go complete nuts.. so finally i told her 'mam (thats wat we used to call our seniors ) dont ask me such questions,ask anyone else but not me,i m not that capable of answering ur quiries' specially those life related ones..
wen someone u look upto turns to u for an answer ,thgs get difficult..atleast for me..
she popped up wid a sensible question but i was giving all the dumb answers.. she asked me to hang up for a minute so that she can buy somethg.. by that time i prayed to shri mataji ,that why is she behaving like that.. why is she talking questions wid me.. after my conversation started i dragged to another level (tha suited my brain).. but i dont know how i started talking sense.. and as per her i gave all the answers..
the best way to live life..is to stop wasting time in analysing... analysing anythg for that matter ..let it be relationships.,conversations,money,anythg .. not to plan out thgs is the best way to free ur mind... let the mind relaz for sometime.. why plan... it always been like that.. man proposes.. god disposes... .

Friday, June 4, 2010

lovin it!

went for an exotic lunch..
bought sexy pair of shades..
and a hair wash...



(cudnt drive..unless i get the number tatooed..)

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

any guesses??

any guesses...wat dis cud be??



dis song ll take almost an year to reach gujarat...thk god main delhii aa gayi...after a long time a damn good song...guess i even missed dis thr... RPM i m coming...


Kaaliyan baariyan we gaddiyaan nu mein lawaan
speed mein 220 di chalaan, POLICE de samne mein nai rukhda
i am a knight rider

breakaan maar maar tardi mein chiekh kad da
sari loki takde we ki hogeya, lagda we injh mera dil rukda
unu mein puchda

ni gaddi sadi beja ni jattiye,
ni door tenu lehja, we arriye
ni woofer tu meri,meri
mein tera amplifier, fier

ni gaddi sadi beja ni jattiye,
ni door tenu lehja, we arriye
ni woofer tu meri,meri
mein tera amplifier, fier

gaddi meri tenu wi awaaz mardi,
black leather seetaan uttey aah bendhi
tenu weh main ser karawanga ni
puri dunya di

Kendi, garmi we lagdi weh seene ni
pijh gai weh kurti paseene di
challi digrees di tooph pendi
on kar AC

ni gaddi sadi beja ni jattiye,
ni door tenu lehja, we arriye
ni woofer tu meri,meri
mein tera amplifier, fier

ni gaddi sadi bedhja ni jattiye,
ni door tenu lehja, we arriye
ni woofer tu meri,meri
mein tera amplifier, fier

jaandi eh club das tere ki erade
Dj nu puch ki lewa main tere gaane
lehja mein lehja tenu jithe we tu chaawain
ekh waari aawe moodh banawe(x2)

ni gaddi sadi beja ni jattiya
ni door tenu lehjja we arriye
ni woofer tu meri, meri
mein tera amplifier fier(x4)

(meh tera amplifier fier)(repeatedly then fade)
love you imran brother

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

million dollar hair..

pre treatment 750
rebonding 7000..
shampoo 1500 ..
conditioner 1400
serum 1400
mask 2100

plundering daddy!! priceless !!!

one pocket 7000
other pocket 2000
wallet 1000
rest card


(more- RS.50 car parking... drove the new one.. didnt remember the number.. didnt have the courage to ask bhai...so i almost lost the car.. or the car lost me... went to all the similar cars.. and used the locator... alas!! i found the car..alas!! i came back.. )

to all dis daddy said... u wud have bought new set of mane by that amount... its more then enuf to have two customers like u...
i asked daddy to come wid me to get his next hair cut done... daddy said.. i m happy ..i said daddy aap jitna bachate ho utna to main uddha aati hun..he said i like wen u spend.. u r an acclaimed spendthrift..!!! i always like the twinkle in ur eyes...

PS: no worries daddy... my eyes ll keep twinkling as often as u want them too...