Friday, June 11, 2010

I was stuck...

i was stuck... God!!. plz dont get me into such situations hereafter.. went for the class... it from 6.. it takes like an hr from whr i stay..class got over by 8.. but i wanted to talk to the sir.. so it left at 8 30.. since it was my first day so i didnt take my car... rather i went by an auto.. so that i ll get hold of the way..
but now i was stuck... no auto was thr.. and it was gettign scary.. i was even ready to travel by bus,, but i didnt know which bus goes to my place. i marched like 2 kms in search of an auto... i have never done ths.. but i even waved hand for a lift...i know its not safe.. but i had just no option.. i didnt even bother to make a call to my husband or brother.. they were calling.. finally i stopped patrolling gypsy...i asked for a lift.. but they said we are not going thr... one of my frd stays thr.. i even thought to go to her place.. and call bhai to pick me up.. but i was trying really hard..i was almost bout to cry... but i kept my fingers crossed.. and i was praying continuously 'ma plz send an auto getting late..'
finally i got an auto.. he asked for 150 bucks.. but as per meter its 95.. but i was like take 200 but drp me off...
reached home at 9:45... bhai said.. enuf of ur such trials... no more "i m the bond" thg... go wid the driver... though i nodded.. but i dont think i will ;-) ... feeling a lot uneasy...that side of delhi is way different from whr i stay.... dont want such a mess again.. Ma plz take care of me.. ma plz grant me a peaceful sleep... tomorrows class at 8 in the morning at a different place...its much more far.. got to sleep...need to wake up at 6...


  1. Ooph-Abhilasha,u'd better take everyone's advice and not venture out like that in future..I mean,if it's Baroda, Abad or even Mumbai, I'd say it's deemed safe..but,Delhi-no way.TC,pal,and put this incident behind you asap,if you can.
    A smile at the 'I'm Bond thing'...haha.U really say that?

  2. AmiL@-ya i do say that.. weird know!! but ya now i have decided i ll not travel by public transport.. either i ll drive myself..or the driver..well seeing me all tensed the auto wala was like "aap mera number lelo,kabhi yahan se jana ho to call kar dena.." i was like ya sure..he he also i had a class though in the morning.. at a different place.. that was much far away.. this travelling is eating me up.. had a class at 8..which made me wake up at 6..clas was from 8 to 11.. dn from 11 to 1...den travelling all the way.. noon time it takes two hrs..otherwise its like 1 and a hlf rather more..reached home at times i really go tense.. if i ll keep shuttling like dis wen ll i study...phewww!!!

  3. oh kya hua. dhyan rkha karo g apna... avin ki duty honi chahiye ab apko drop aur pick krna..

  4. akash@-kyon teri nahi honi chahiye kya.. tu bhi to abbu jaisa hai... arey u know me.. at times i get little finicky..i m not an a proper dilli wali.. wo thoda gujarat hangover ho gaya tha.. aur kuchh nahi..

  5. take care.
    dilli is dilli, not amdavad-baroda ney.

    avu na chaley.