Tuesday, June 1, 2010

million dollar hair..

pre treatment 750
rebonding 7000..
shampoo 1500 ..
conditioner 1400
serum 1400
mask 2100

plundering daddy!! priceless !!!

one pocket 7000
other pocket 2000
wallet 1000
rest card


(more- RS.50 car parking... drove the new one.. didnt remember the number.. didnt have the courage to ask bhai...so i almost lost the car.. or the car lost me... went to all the similar cars.. and used the locator... alas!! i found the car..alas!! i came back.. )

to all dis daddy said... u wud have bought new set of mane by that amount... its more then enuf to have two customers like u...
i asked daddy to come wid me to get his next hair cut done... daddy said.. i m happy ..i said daddy aap jitna bachate ho utna to main uddha aati hun..he said i like wen u spend.. u r an acclaimed spendthrift..!!! i always like the twinkle in ur eyes...

PS: no worries daddy... my eyes ll keep twinkling as often as u want them too...


  1. haha badde loag :D exam ke baad to kuch jyada hi blogging ho rahi hai kya baat..lagey raho :P

  2. Are these Abad rates??:)I guess we're really 'world class' now..:)Nice to see u had a great time..:)

  3. and,ya,a big LOL at forgetting the car number..if u'd been in baroda and trying to locate like that, a policeman or 2 would have come up and asked what u were doing...they're checking all such 'suspicious' people now...hahahaha.

  4. AmitL@-na delhi rates.. i surely had a grea time ... felt amost asleep.. got bored... 12 to 4... i went nuts.. btw.. brother read the blog.. and he asked me to get the number tatooed on the wrist...phewwww!!!!

  5. anonymous@-nazar na lagayee...