Saturday, June 5, 2010

man proposes..god disposes

every time i try and answer wid all my wits and brains i never talk sense..specially wid her (college senior cum mentor cum elder sis wont say frd.) ... she asks me the most simplest questions but i go complete nuts.. so finally i told her 'mam (thats wat we used to call our seniors ) dont ask me such questions,ask anyone else but not me,i m not that capable of answering ur quiries' specially those life related ones..
wen someone u look upto turns to u for an answer ,thgs get difficult..atleast for me..
she popped up wid a sensible question but i was giving all the dumb answers.. she asked me to hang up for a minute so that she can buy somethg.. by that time i prayed to shri mataji ,that why is she behaving like that.. why is she talking questions wid me.. after my conversation started i dragged to another level (tha suited my brain).. but i dont know how i started talking sense.. and as per her i gave all the answers..
the best way to live to stop wasting time in analysing... analysing anythg for that matter ..let it be relationships.,conversations,money,anythg .. not to plan out thgs is the best way to free ur mind... let the mind relaz for sometime.. why plan... it always been like that.. man proposes.. god disposes... .


  1. hehe..Abhilasha,that's one good answer-to stop wasting time in analyzing everything...something we all love to do.:)But,frankly,I do let me mind relax many times-no planning,let things take their course, everything always turns out for the best.It's when we interfere with our analysis,that things go wrong..:)

  2. AmitL@-ya they do big time... why to make the brain over wrk... isnt it

  3. I have a lot to learn from you... n the best way is keep reading your blogs. its an amazing thought which i would like to follow. thanx...

  4. Akash@-i m always thr for u sweetypie! and u know dis..