Saturday, July 10, 2010

went for shopping at 1 cam back by 7... it was bhai me lil bro.. and his frds... was damn tired wen returned home.. got some stuff for my husband too.. but i m sure.. by the time i ll meet him.. i ll make his t shirts all dirty and old... i just simply adore over sized t shirts...
soon after i m came back.. i headed for sahaj yoga centre... and reached thr by 7 30... it was a great experience... Ma talked about why one should meditate and wats maha maya... i was so damn tired.. but den i just cant afford to miss out from going thr.. but once i reached all my tiredness vanished.. moreover so many ppl sitting around u.. meditating collectively gives a sense of calmness.. the prayers and bhajans give a soothing effect... i also bought couple of CDs that comprised ma's lectures and bhajans.. since i had no clue which one to buy.. i asked the gal thr to give any lecture CD of her choice.. she was looking at me wid a very weird expression.. she gave me like three CDs.. den someone from behind prompted me to ask bout Guru Puja CD... and i asked for that too.. and few more.. in total i bought 10... so good na.. a minute ago i had no CD and widin a minute i had a library... n i just love this thg bout me.. wat certainly keeps my mom puzzled... wen in doubt i just go ahead and buy even if one of the thgs isnt tht good compared to other... rather thn not buying at all.. one should always listen to his or heart.. no matter the volume of the heart is high or low... :-).. and no matter it makes a hole in dad's pocket.. and no matter once u get that thg home, u dont even look at it... :-)
coz of my dis habit my husband is really clueless.. he goes like... bigaad rakha hai beti ko... ser chadha rakha hai...aur ye piece mujhe pakda diya...


  1. Oh wow...meditation and yoga?Just the very things I want to spend my time on,once I'm back permanently in Baroda,besides,of course,regular visits to EME Temple.:)
    A big grin at the purchases of CD and the way you say 'a minute ago I had no CD and the next-a library'...indeedy.:)Hope u break tradition and 'do look at the CDs' once u're home.Keep me posted on how they were.:)

  2. ha ha ha... so now even u r getting to know me.. i didnt see the CDs yesterday.. just played the bhajan one.. bhai asked me wat r u listening these days... but today i have got them home.. they were lying at the back seat of the car.. i m too lazy to change the cds.. i ll be loading them in the pen drive.. cool na..

  3. We need to create a 'height of laziness',I guess..hahaha...;transferring CDs to a pen drive, instead of changing CDs in the changer'...grt idea.:)

  4. ha ha ha... sahi.... height of lazinesss... i ll be the first member..

  5. Sounds interesting.
    aur batao abt the center and all.

  6. austere@- hmmm well the best way to know more bout the cente is
    do visit this site...