Tuesday, July 27, 2010

my new spectacles..

so i have got my new spectacles...(yes! i do wear on.. but only to see the board)... earlier they were metallic red rimmed glasses... but dis time i hve got them in metallic purple.. and they r looking just too cool...though i liked the nerdy ones.. but my frds told me .. that they r just not going wid ur persona...
so i got them today.. though i dont wear at home.. but since they r new.. i m wearing it since evening.. n i wonder i mite sleep wearing them on...
wen i came home i asked everyone individually how r they looking.. but guess everyone was so busy.. and they said.. ya nice.. good.. and continued wid thr stuff... so i finally told daddy to gather everyone n ask how r my spectacles looking... so dad called everyone n then he asked.. how r the spectacles looking.. then i got a unanimous very serious reply.. that they r looking just too cool.....
but guess i mite get another red one
till that time yippieee!!! youhuuuu!!!!!


  1. aay haay. " she's got the look..!'


  2. Oh,wow..:)how nice.New spectacles. A pic here,too would be welcome..:)
    Waise,if you're getting the second pair made,do try Titan Eye Plus..I'm impressed by the place. (Got my specs there, last time I was in Baroda)..of course, how I received them, is a story I'll post now.:)

  3. ha ha ha... we have few thgs in common.. story to narrate everytime...wid everythg we do.. he he he... titan thg.. hmmm well... i mite try that out too..

  4. hmmmm... yeah! i got the look... he he he