Monday, July 5, 2010

journey and much more..

friday evening scheduled at 4:50 pm delayed by almost two hours.. it was den 6:30

was just thinking how ll i spend my time..i bought a filmfare.. that i didnt read.. i ordered for a frappe and chocolate brownie.. but since me not a chocolate person.. i bought and i thought i ll eat it... but i didnt eat.. the guy who came for the clean up.. was astonished wen i said 'le jao..' he said mam aapne kuchh khaya hi nhi... i said nahi khana, le jao... he diligently did his wrk.. but guess more them him the gentleman sittign on the next table was surprised...

gentleman-mam u didnt eat chocolate brownie..
me-i didnt like it much...not a chocolate person
G-how come mam.. all the gals like it..
me-sorry .. i m not following the norm.. but i dont like it..
G-is ur flight delayed.. whr r u going.??
me-ya it is. me goign to ahmedabad
G- who stays thr??
me-i stay thr..
G-mam u dont look like a gujarati..,
me-coz i m not...
G-den why??
me-i have shifted...
G-mam why dont u shop??
me-i dont like shopping much
G-how come mam.. every gal likes it...
me-sorry again.. for not following the norm...
G-love marriage or an arrange one??
G-mine was a love arrange...she was from my school....

and it went on and on.. he was just too inquisitive...i had a good time pass.. but his questionaire was driving me mad... why on the planet earth jut coz i m gal.. i have to eat a chocolate.. and i have to go for shopping .. i jus didnt understd..

while coming back...
monday morning... 10 am
again my life is stuck wid either mangoes.. or mango pulp..
dad in law wrapped his love and affection in the form of mango pulp cans.. either i have to bring mangoes every time i go to delhi.. or i have to get the pulp...
at the security...jut like the last time..they kept my bag inside... and i asked..wat is it... wat cans r thr... again i replied the same way.. mango pulp.. u want.. u want to check.. u can tke it if u want...the security guy said.. no i dont want to,,, u can carry on...
trust me i m not into dis.. but i really wanted to say... "do u know who m i.. n who r u talking to.." but den its ok... they r doing it for our security reasons.. but yar ek do baar chalta hai.. not always..

n i m back... i m liking it.. but i m not liking it t the same and love both r important... its just bout two more months.. just trying to stick to my priorities...God! be wid me...


  1. hahaha...Abhilasha,I see that you also have good fun when at the airport..:)This guy-was he just being polite,or,was he making conversation because he was bored,I wonder? Thank God he didn't say 'Mam, why aren't you Gujarati?All gals from Gujarat are Gujarati', or,'Mam, all flights do it(get late)'..:)Just curious-was he a Gujarati?:)
    And,I'm also curious-why didn't you eat the chocolate brownie?All girls...oops, I almost asked the question..:)
    and,why didn't u read one of my fav mags? You'll see my name there in every third issue or so, either in letters or in caption contests...:)great fun it is-a good way to get away from the stress of work life.:)

  2. for ur first question...
    yes!he was a gujarati.. from kutch..

    second question...
    i dont like chocolates.. i used to like them a lot.. even to an extent of stealing that of my brothers from the fridge.. so wat i did... i ate chocolates to such an extent that i developed a hatred..(dis is wat i get rid of an addiction ..i get involve to the highest degree in it.. so that i m fed up of it completely). now i cant stand chocloate.. i often try.. but i fail..i ll not call it the aroma.. but the smell of it drives me nuts..

    and now my question... which magazine??? i dont know.. lemme know..

  3. That's a nice way to give up something-develop a hatred...:)..I've tried it for something else in the past,so I know...:)But,believe me,chocolate is one of the better things in life-if you don't mind the calories.:)
    Magazine? Filmfare,ji...of course,when in India,I write to lots more..out here,it's difficult...need the right mood to pen a LTTE(Letter To The Editor).:)Will upload some of my past articles on my blog, one of these days.

  4. What does "creating roles" mean?

  5. austere@- the way we behave is too programmed... the reactions are too automatic. we never surprise ourselves by behaving in a lil different way.. agreed that world is a stage and we all are the actors.. but i dont like the bound script...i like to create my own role.. so thats why creating roles...