Friday, July 9, 2010

FOOL! thats me..

scene 1
reached class early yesterday... so i asked the mam at the reception... "mam..andar koi aur hai??" she said "haan ashish".. i gave such a puzzled look... i said "mam! ashish.. who??"
and she just started laughing... and still i was puzzled....
and den i realised...
Ashish is my cousin who studies wid me.. since he is kinda elder to me .so i call him bhai.. name ashish completely skipped from ma mind.. but still... maine hadd hi kar di... i m sure wo mam soch rahe honge ye ladki pagal ho gayi hai...

scene 2.. another class...
i couldnt find the seat wid my frd... so i sat wid some xyz guy... so in between the class wen sir was dictating and few wrds werent that cLear.. so i asked that guy "kya kaha sir ne??" but he didnt respond... again thr was soemthg that i cudnt get.. and again i asked "sir kya bol rahe hain??" but that guy.. he didnt give any response... but as per my "Dheet" habit.. i asked him somethg again... finally he said.... "saary!! i dont know hindi"....
main to hass hasske neeche girne wali thi.. but i recollected myself...
GOD!! abhilasha.. sab kuchh happening teri life mein hi hoga kya...

day before coz of the jam ..i reached home at 12.. generaly i reach home by 9 30... thk god i dont have a hyper active family... "kya hua.. kahan reh gyi.. kab aayegi. calling 100 times type.."
they r very chilled out.. thk u GOD>.. kash bhagwan ji meri doosri family bhi aisi hi de dete... wid dem its like... mobile launching is celeberated in home.. wonder how were they living widout it....

no. of time i have to call... for example while coming to delhi...
call 1.. after reaching the airport
call 2.. after taking the boarding pass
call 3.. after security check.
call 4.. wen the announcement is made..
call 5.. entering the aircraft
call 6.. wen its all set to take off..
call 7.. after it lands
call 8.. after reachign the luggage belt
call 9.. after takign the stuff
call 10.. after i find someone who is suppose to pick me up
call 11.. after reachign home...

n now one should know why telecom is prospering..
n trust me i hate to use cell fone... such GPS thg on me.. makes me hate it more.. i plannign to get somethg like dis fit in my body..

and wid my in my parents...
they r pretty chilled out... beta.. kahin bhi jao... aao... reach home by 11.. if getting late.. make a call.. that to coz.. whether u ll have a dinner here.. or outside...
cool na!!!


  1. Haha-I think study stress is catching up with you,Abhilasha-this Sunday,take it easy-listen to music,watch some comedy movies/serials..:)
    A big haha at the guy who said'Saarry..I don't know Hindi'...Was he a DRK(Dubai Returned Keralite),I wonder?coz I hear this accent every other day.:)
    YOU,ma'm are so lucky that we've not been at Abad airport at the same time-I'd surely write a post on 'the girl who had to call at each'step'of the journey(Doubtless,you know how I keep my eyes and ears open at airpots..:))..But then,I like both types of families-those who care a lot,and those who're chilled out coz they know everything'll be fine.:)

  2. its surely catching up... i still cant face that female sitting at the reception.. whom i gave the most puzzled look..
    i dont know whther that guy is dubai return or not..
    and thk god.. i m that lucky.. i dont want to get featured on ur blog as a stupid gal calling at every step..

    by the way no sunday off for me.. sunday also i got a class.. sat is off.. lets see.. wats in store.. might go for buying somethg for myself..

  3. haha..well,maybe you wouldn't be featured as a 'stupid gal calling'..In case u noticed, I rarely call anyone stupid...everyone's good in their own way...:)maybe I'd term u'an avid blogger from Abad'.:)
    ohhh...Sunday working,too?Have a nice today(saturday)...lotsa luck, @ it..I'm sure u'll have some fun experience on the way..:):)

  4. HA HA HA...SO sure about me having fun... nice... hey stupid is stupid..i m fien wid it... nothing serious baba... and by the way .. me no avid blogger from ahmedabad... me from delhi... and delhi in capital letters "DELHI"..

  5. Huh???I thought u're now a permanent Ahmedabad-ite..and,originally from Delhi??*scratches head*maybe it's the effect of 2 days off and work week beginning tomorrow for me.:)

  6. such a difference in both...