Tuesday, April 27, 2010

apartment-my review


starring-tanushree dutta, rohit roy, neetu chandra, and anupam kher...

(dont be judgemental about me,wen u r not well .. u lose the ability of deciding wat to watch and wat not to watch....phewww!!!)

tanushree playing an independent gal.. who owns an apartment and wrks as airhostess for spicejet to be precise.. BF , rohit roy stays at her place.. she being very shakki , kicks him out of her apartment and doesnt shed a tear... a true woman power... nikal ja mere ghar se.. poor rohit is chucked out ...

tanushree shares all dis wid her frd.. and she opts for a PG who is an orphan .. after meeting many of them.. she meets neetu chandra (a very simple gal).. she calls her DIDI... and tanushree gets all melodramatic and feels at top of the world after being called DIDI from a stranger...dis PG behaves like a complete maid ,the kind we can die for..

PG gets a makeover by dis DIDI... she gets obssesed wid DIDI.. and cant bear anyone around her.. finally DIDI gets hooked up wid her BF rohit..and wants to take him back in her apartment... how simple na.. and he is fine wid it too... after all getting a roof and a gf to be wid..

PG gets insecure..she has a schizophrenic history.. she kills ppl at drop of a hat.. in dis movie the holocaust starts wid killing anupam kher's cat.."shehzadi' a.. den she kills anupam kher ...and den she kills an inspector.. and not to forget she kills a fish too...and she fires at the watchman also.. and also the hero gets a bullet ...and ya one more.. she kills her best frd's bf wen she was at the orphanage....

finally PG tries to kill DIDI... and they both are hanging from the terrace...PG leave DIDI's hand and DIDI is saved by BF... sigh!!!

DIDI and BF live happily ever after... only if DIDI doesnt kick him out again...

try watching it.. and lose more of ur brain.. and den u can write a letter to anupam uncle.. that why???why?? was he in the movie...

trust me!! money makes u do anythg!!!


  1. this is a copy of the english movie, single white female me thinks.

  2. Abhilasha,tks for the warning...I'll skip the movie,surely,and save a few bucks for some other movie..hehe.:)Re. the last line-well, guess Anupam Uncle has too much competition in the oldie segment these days,hence any roles will do?

  3. AmitL@-ya u r rite.. competition.. :-)

  4. pheww finally i watched it too :D
    moral of the story : one shud check out background history before renting :D