Friday, April 23, 2010

little dis and dat...

its been more then a week since i m not keeping well... wonder i have forgotten how is it to be normal... from ahmedabad to jaipur to delhi to back to ahmedabad has completely ruined my health...fever going from 100 to making a record of 106...i always wondered is it humanly possible... yes it is..on the top of it i m pressurising myself wid the burden of giving the exam.. just a month left for it.. god!!help... been chucked out of my room too... carpenter is having a gala time making some crap (though i asked him) in the room...shifted to the room just next to ma in laws... he he he.. deadly... watching even one show is a sin here... padhte nahin hain aajkal ke bachhe .. bas tv dekhte hain.. arey.. i ll study... but let me be ok first... anyways... just a three day visit to my home didnt gimme the satisfaction of staying at my place... wid mom not around... and me trying to be a super woman... by doing it all ... ll certainly go back again ... ye exam kab over hogi...


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  2. Hi,Abhilasha,hope you're feeling aok now...was wondering where u disappeared, and was guessing 'exams'..:)

  3. AmitL@-feeling a lot better now..but the actual health is still not thr.. i hope i ll soon get back in shape..