Tuesday, April 6, 2010

i hate sharing!!

i dont like sharing my thgs wid ppl whom i dont like.. though i can be really mean and say "get lost" but dis is not wat my mom has taught me.. it ll reflect her upbringing..
but dis was not the scene before.. wen i was in college...all my thgs were used by my frds in the hostel.. and i had no issues... coz as per mom one should always share thgs... i remember i used to have dis red collored t shirt (though i had it in all the possible colors..he he he....)which was worn by five of us.... and everytime we used to wear it... we were complimented.. and later on that t shirt turned into a invaluable entity and is considered as a masterpiece.... before leaving college i donated my clothes to my dear frds.. coz i knew i ll never be able to wear them again.. am i sounding somethg like self pity.... nah!!!!! i dont want to....
but u know.. den it used to be fun... but now wen i have to share my thgs wid thankless ppl.. i just hate it.. arey! use it.. but give it back before me asking... and dont give me such looks as if i m asking for somethg which is not mine... i tld my mom.. see ur sharing philosophy is not wrking now... but mom still feels that way...from my hair dryer.. to my deos.. to my cellphone... to my clothes...are being taken in my absence or presence... arey! i ll never say no.. but kindly oblige by asking........


  1. Hi, Abhilasha-that's such a true fact..one of the 'live and learn' facts, rather. I used to be just like that- giving books, mags,etc to friends,and then never really getting them back. And, by nature, we feel shy to ask them to return it. And, if one does give things away,well,I guess one has to be blunt enough and ask for the thing(s) back.:)

  2. AmitL@-hmmm.. but den why to change ourselves.. today only i have given my new unpacked clothes to (i ll not name) i had no option.. that to wid a sweet smile...

  3. ahem!Abhilasha,I think you're too kind-hearted-but then, the world needs people like you,too!To make the others realize that trust is still existent:)
    Of course, giving away your new unpacked clothes is too generous-are you going to ask for them back?:)

  4. AmitL@-no i wont ask for it.. thats is very unlike me...shri mataji ll give me triple of it.. but wat i have to wrk on is not to regret after giving.. or have the courage of saying no...i dont blame anyone.. they did thr part by asking.. it was my call afterwards... how to react.. so i need to practice to stop cribbing..