Monday, April 26, 2010

she never cried

i always boasted about a fact.. that my mom never cries.. she being my pillar of strength always... i often asked her.. mumma.. why dont u cry.. as in .. dont u feel like crying.. me being someone who cries at a drop of hat...but to that my mom replied if i ll start crying whom wud u look upto..and so true that was... but at the loss of my uncle (mom's brother)...i saw her crying.. for me that was strange.. certainly the loss for everyone in the family is really big.. but seeing her crying shattered me...few days before he died my brother asked me to speak to him... but den as per the habit of postponing thgs.. i told him.. i ll, sometime later.. but guess it was never in my destiny to speak to him..wen mom was crying i saw tears rolling down her cheeks...and i cursed myself... i never wanted to see her crying.. i stayed wid her for three days... just hanging around her.. and den i came back.. but my heart is thr wid her.. i wish i cud stay wid her for some more time...i know she needs me.. but at times life takes u to such cross roads whr the decision making is just not in ur hands...want to be thru wid thgs asap.. and wud stay wid her for almost a month... rather i ll try for little more...amen!!!

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