Wednesday, November 24, 2010

magician..-am i...

"u r a magician"... this is wat i got wen i heading to delhi on 27th...noon.. though i wanted to go on 26th evening.. but den its ok... one more day to be wid my sweetypie..
i know baby.. u really dont have time to read... but i really love u... n trust me i ll make u proud someday... and i ll make sure u r permitted in my cabin widout a prior appointment...he he he he!!!!!

me watching movies back to back..
before sunrise..
before sunset..
runaway bride,,
the terminal

and Richard Gere,,, i love u... and i also love Abhay deol.. and we can add Tom hanks .... to that list..
i stick too much to the old school.... pheewwww!!!!


  1. i love you too Abhilasha's sweetie-pie !

  2. hehe...see, you got your wish...keeping the optimism levels high and not letting negative thoughts get the upper hand, always works..:)I've tried it since one year, and I know!!:)Cheerio..happy Delhi-ing.