Friday, November 19, 2010

dont forget..
when the stars exploded billion of years ago...
they formed everythg that is this world..everythg we know is stardust!!
so dont forget that we are star dust!!!!


  1. Hellooo-is this Abhilasha writing??;)..very nicely said, of course...though I wonder what brought this on?:)

  2. nothing specific...just a wave across the mind..
    and btw i m not that dumb ... i can write wel too...

  3. hehe...who said u're dumb?:)I meant'you're usually not so philosophical'.:)

  4. see...i m usually not so in i m not into deep thoughts all the time... i even dont look like one who got any interest in it.. but i think i m ... it interests me to an extent.. that philosophy is one of my two optionals...does that say a lot..