Sunday, May 23, 2010

"madam ji, are u on aarkut!!! "

so finally the much hyped exam of mine is over... i did my best.. rest is to be taken care by the divine...anyways it was on 23rd..
so now the story... in the middle of the exam i heard someone calling my name.. but then i was like,hows that possible no one recognizes me here .. so i ignored it and continued scribbling...

after the 1st half of the exam was over.. the guy sitting behind me was like... "madam ji... mains ki tayyari to ho hi jayega aapka." ... i just said thks wid a blank look... but i was kinda uncomfortable..
now thr was a break from 11:30 to 2:30... i moved to a nearby guest house... took my lunch and and studied a bit... and went back...
everyone was already settled by then... to my surprise... the same guy went like "abhilasha.... ji .. aa gaye aap"..god knows wen he scanned my admit card... including the address too..anyways wen i turned back .. his series of questions started off for which he was giving the answers also.....

1.kya karte hain aap??...
bade office mein kaam karte honge...

2. yahan ke to nahi lag rahe.???
hindi achhi bol rahe hain..

3.coaching le rahe hain.??
le hi rahe honge... magar humein time nahi milta...

i was kinda pissed... bt then i was like why to spoil the mood just before second half of the paper..wen its obvious u meet all kind of all shapes and sizes...
finally the exam got over..just before i was about to leave he popped up another question... "madam ji...!! are u on aarkut!!! "


  1. aww so madam ji IAS ki exam me appear ho rahi hai :D guddu-luck for mains in advance :D

  2. Oh God-how can people be so silly?Hope he didn't follow u out of the exam hall,asking if u'd like to have an icecream?And,ohh..good luck for the exam results.:)

  3. na that possibility is nil..

  4. haha :P i love being anonymous :D aniwayz so now u are in gujrat huh?

  5. arey!! who r u...bhai... i hate dis thg... why being anonymous..thats bad...emme next comment...not a request..its an order..

  6. just another visitor :D found ur blog via Arunima's blog.dun have a blog currently :P will let u know when i have one :)