Tuesday, May 4, 2010

and i thought...

and i thought that its only me who is publicising that i wasnt well... but i have recently found that mu mom in law is indeed doing a very good job... the entire state knows bout it.. who so ever is meeting me is asking bout my health... to be honest u like it wen u r not well and ppl ask bout u.. but trust me it gets way too much wen everyone meeting u talks bout it...
and now from "hamari abhilasha bimar ho gayi hai" its "hamari abhilasha bimar ho gayi thi " and the publicity is on and on and on...
everyone is giving me wholesome advices.. and look at me... i m making fun of them.... and it goes like...
1. beta aaram karo padhai to hoti rahegi..
2. nahi thoda bahar niklo.. "badminton" khelo achha lagega...
3. nazar lagi hai tumhe.. utarwa lo...
4. and the last one... hota hai aise hi nothing much to do bout it..(and giggling for no rhyme or reason...)..... this hota hai aise thg irritates me.... plz stop assuming ppl.. if its thr it certainly pops out..

well... the news is im ok now... "ok"... i certainly need some more rest..and i ll be sorted...amen!!!


  1. ROFL-sorry,but that sounds so funny,Abhilasha...very cute of ur ma-in-law to inform all and sundry about u not being well.:)And,what nice suggestions people give.. Specially the 'knowing nods' of 'hota hai aise hi...' and giggling.
    Waise,u know what? Read'The Secret', if you haven't already...that'll make u perk up. Or,check the website- thesecret.tv.I definitely believe in it and it works.Happy 'getting well soon'.

  2. lol! @AMit. similar thoughts.

  3. AmitL@-i have read that book already...n i really liked it..i do visit the site quite seldom..and the news is.. i m all hale and hearty!!! yippie!!!!

  4. Heyy,wow- great going, Abhilasha- as they say in Gujarat-glad to know u're in the pink of health.:)

  5. AmitL@-hmmm...pink of health.. nice term.. he he he.. yes im very much in the pink of health..