Friday, October 15, 2010

twice bitten never shy!!! :-)

lil brother went for a Goa trip.. more den him.. it was me who was excited back home.. most obviously to know wat all he has got for me... ;-)

and here it goes...
abbu (lil bro) and me--

me-hi abbu
abbu-haan bol...
me-kahan hai..
abbu-ghar per..
me-arey u r back!
me-how was it..
me-how many of u were thr ???
me-u had feni??
me-how was it??

(final question)

me-wat all u have got for me...???
abbu-dekh.. sun... i came back last night at 1.. i m feeling damn sleepy... i ll click wat all i have got and ll send the pic... now plz keep down the fone.. else i ll slam it down...

me-yeah sure! get lost!.. bye...
abbu-u too...

the curiosity got no bounds u see ;-)

another way to find it out...
here it goes...

elder brother (bhai) and me

me-hi bhai
me-abbu reached know...
bhai-ya last night'
me-i know.. i called... this filthy pig didnt talk to me properly.. i m gonna break his neck on my next visit...
bhai- its ok.. u know he is like dat...

(final question)

me-anyways tell me wat all has he got for me?? u know he didnt tel me...
bhai- r u mad.. he is all tired n all that... n so m i... i was sleeping wen u called... i have been driving the entire not in delhi... u understd wat it means... we mortals do get tired...


me-yeah! so.. it ll not take more then a second before u tell me.. wat all he has got for me...
bhai-u gone nuts... he came by 1 at night.. n just den i left... i didnt ask... but guess some dress or soemthg...
me-and?? :-)
bhai-and.. now i m gonna seriously kill u... get lost!!!!
me-same to u....


[atleast i gotta know one thg!!! he he he ]


  1. ROFL..Abhilasha,that was quite an insightful dialogue with both your brothers..I cannot imagine u being soo curious@ what's come for u from Goa! hehe..don't u know how the saying goes'Curiosity killed the cat'?:)So, what was it, finally?:)

  2. i m kinda sure bout the dress... but i think he got me some slippers too.. coz abu called from goa to ask my shoe size... lets see.. i still dont know... though bhai called up to apologize.. and said i m sorry for being rude.. as if its for the first its my turn.. let him call me.. he ll gonna get a tornado now...

  3. thats so like you ! It gives me immense relief and pleasure to know that u havent changed babes !!

  4. ha ha ha... dekha!! shadi or no shadi.. hostelor no hostel... my curiousity... n-me-not-interested-in-anybody's-pic is not at all changed...

  5. n u remember prachi.. ek baar tu apni family pics dikha rahi thi.. n i was givingu i m not interested look. n said.. abhi yar tu rehne de.. inmein tu nahi hai... :-)

  6. Gifts Gifts Gifts...............May God convert all the money in the world into Gifts for Abhilasha..............Ha ha ha

  7. shut up!!... zyada bolna seekh gaya hai kya tu...