Saturday, October 16, 2010

those were not the accidental brushes...not a kid that i ll not understd... still figuring out wat fun one gets out of it... is it enough for thr so called desperate need if i say so...
u could see it in the eyes... the eyes full of so much hunger...
and its worse wen u cant say it aloud... though u do try... but den its better wen not talked about...
but can such thgs be ignored... may be superficially they can.. but deep down they do leave an escutcheon... feeling terrible at the moment...
ashamed r they... or even such a thought passes by... no.. i m sure its a no.. irrespective of thr age..
the worse being wen u sit down and got to dine wid dem... ur boldness goes out of the window.. on the road.. u end up wiping off ur tears pretending as if somethg has got into ur eyes..felt like being bruised...
tried to collect the strength and mention it...but den a fear crept in.. wat if everyone blames me.. its better to be mum about it... whr can one find a peace.. wen its not even at home... how can u stop such predators to enter ur house..
i did mention to him.. but even he asked me to be mum and not to talk bout it at home... never expected dis from him though.. but thats the way it is... the one who claims to be ur guardian cant do anythg either... is he too practical and real.. or me over reacting..
but if its bout taking care of my very being... den no reaction can ever be over...


  1. Abhi,do I read this correctly? Is this a current event or a past memory?Can just say'TC'.

  2. nothing could have happened like dis in the past..if it wud have.. the retaliation wud have been in a lot of action.. anyways... i m fine now.. no option ...i ll take care

  3. Hi, Abhi-that's really shocking-I was hoping it was a past memory you were recalling. You'll need a mix of tact,diplomacy and toughness to resolve the matter. And,remember'Thoughts become things'-imagine the issue sorted,of the trouble having vanished, and it will work out...try and stop thinking of what happened-it cannot be reversed,as such..good luck, as always-I know u'll come out a winner.

  4. move out.
    both of you.
    these things do not get any better for hoping.


  5. such ppl r everywhr... that particular bastar came to our place for the first time... moving out is no solution..