Saturday, December 17, 2011

Almost missed the flight at Bangalore airport....
If anyone located a girl all Saree clad, running like a maniac, dragging the baggage , den dat was me...
Alas boarded the flight...


  1. Yeah!! It was my first ever visit... I reached thr on 12th and came back on 14th...Was thr for a wedding reception... Stayed at ARI at infantry road... Went to visit a frd at kormangalam... And some place called HSR layout... Few places that i can recall...:-)

  2. I stay just 4 kms away from infantry road. Cool..hope you had a good time? Hope my city treated you well? :)

  3. Yeah i had a nice time.. Met a frd and I was sorted.. City is nice a bit congested... Didn't really meet any bangalorean... So can't comment on ppl.. But yeah English speaking chauffer amused me... :-)

  4. I did read something about that in the papers..;)