Wednesday, April 13, 2011

bunked!!! not again...

sunny-kahan hai??
me-classs ja rahi hun...
sunny-U turn maar.. wapis aa... we are meeting..
me-pagal ho gaya hai.. main pahunch gayi hun...
sunny-stay out i m coming to pick u up... will drop u back... fir ghar nikal jana..
me-pagal hai kya.. school ya college thodi hai.. me not bunking... get lost!!!

sweety- whr r u??
me-reached class.. sitting...
sweety-close ur books.. come out..
me-nahi yar.. class hai... aane wale hain sir..
sweety-come out abhi!! we are meeting.. tu pahunch me and sunny are just on the way....
me-ok :-) ll be thr before u...

had a great time..went to Mocha.. ate nothing... just a sip of some chocolate drink.. hated it...
asked for the check ..
me and sunny ran!!!
and i told the guard.. bhaiya wo jo ladki baithi hai na.. wo pay karegi.. jane mat dena use...
poor sweety paid... ;-)

may accenture pay her well... Amen!!!


  1. Tch Tch...Abhilasha, I had no idea you could say play such tricks on friends-leaving one to pay the tab, without seeing whether she has money to pay.(One more point to remember..hahahaha)

  2. well.. ces't la vie!!!... dis is me... he he he!!

  3. Let me ask the same lines at the beginning of ur post'Kahaan hain?':)