Thursday, March 17, 2011

more bout the trip..

as promised ... here comes more bout the trip...

amidst the temperature of below zero degree... water .. rain... mud...

the trip was finalised i think even before my birth... my dear parents went to vaishno devi and asked for a daughter and the barter was.. if they get a darling daughter she wud come in return...i mean excuse me... if u made the deal.. it was suppose to be on u... so from that time till 12th feb 2011.. abhilasha was struggling hard to be thr.. and not to forget that my dear parents took no pain to take me to the respective place... so finally it was suppose to be wid my frds/.. i even asked my husband to accompany me but den he is like.. any place but a pilgrimage.. he financed and wished me luck to carry on..
poor husband not just financed for me.. but also for my frds..
reached thr .. took a hotel.. and then started for the journey... tough it is.. really hard.. reached up thr by 11 but it took like 4 hrs to finally reach the shrine...
my experience wen i reached thr.. was beyond the ideas that i had in my was serene.. a deep calmness... a cool breeze... dont know how to put it in wrds... somethg inside me was quite... quite for a fraction of second.. as if .. this was the day i was longing for.. i m spiritual but yeah religious in its literal sense no i m not... but den it was diferent... cant be described,... all of a sudden i felt a jerk.. and i told my frds/... somethg mite happen to me... dis is the day i was waiting for... and i told dem.. if somethg happens to me... plz take care... these were my last wrds.. i remember so vividly... and den i just collapsed .. as told to me by my frds.. and after that i have no idea wat happened.. my frd lifted me to the near by bench... all the near by uncles and aunties surrounded us... some water, some glucose.. some medicine i think.. i dont know..but then after a while i recollected myself... my frds said.. abhi lets go back.. i told dem.. "ab yahan tak aa gaye hain.. to wapis nahi jayenge".... nd finally we joined the queue again...
now the funny part starts,,,, frds kept on teasing me.. show stopper..le gayi saari limelight... agar aisa kuchh karna hi tha to aage kar leti thoda... humein line mein nahi lagna padta... aage peechhe wali aunties were like.. arey wo theek ho gayi jo tumhare sath thi... i was like,,, aunty wo main hi thi... boo hoo!!!...
darshan got over.. we went further up... at 3.. all dark.. no electricity.. me on a horse.. side mein khaayi... filmy scene lag raha hai na...i know man!... bad it was... but den ab yaad karti hun to achha lagta hai...
while coming back.. it was raining badly.. we bought rain coats... RS.5 per head.. den we took a shelter at a dharamshala... i encountered somethg strange... and weird... in a hall full of 50 ppl...thr were two uncle aunty.. 40+ to honge hi... in one blanket... dont know wat they were upto... so many ppl are lying by ur side... thodi to sharam kar lo yar... in the middle of 50 ppl... how can one make out.. may be they found the apt place for the honeymoon.... but den saanu ki....we were like.... btw abhi.. wat do u think wats goign on... i was like... why dont u give the commentary... and he just started off... hilarious it was...

den we came back to our hotel room... slept like logs...den came back on 14th...

dont know.. wen ll i be going back to the same place.. one thg is for sure.. i had experienced somethg beyond wrds... soemthg i ll always hold on to.. now n forever..


  1. Happy birthday Guddu :)

  2. had a bday? How is it I didn't know? many many happy returns of the day..:)And, great description..almost inspires me to visit there someday..a big grin at the fainting spell.
    Which raincoats sell Rs 5 a piece?
    Good to see your favourite word 'ki' (saanu ki) again..heh heh..:)

  3. ha ha ha!!!!!! exactly saanu ki..
    see dont go on the description part... u must go by urself.. to experience it...the other way to reach thr is via helicopter also..
    yeah! raincoats for Rs.5.... for no other reason but to check out these raincoats u must go...:-)
    yeah it was my birthday on 17th.. thk u very much for the wishes..
    and yeah i can sense a sadist in u.. having a big grin at the fainting part..

  4. ROFL..@ the sadist comment.:)Waise, I was grinning at your friends' skepticism, when they kept saying you were a show-stopper,etc...heh heh..chaliye, ab next post ka samay ho gaya hai.:)