Saturday, August 28, 2010

love and hate!!

you have love and hate. Love is the thesis, hate is the antithesis; and most people die caught in the struggle, conflict, between the two. They are never able to see that there is a subtle connection between love and hate; that they are not two energies but one energy having two polarities. They are just like the negative and positive in electricity -- but it is electricity all the same.

Hate is also a kind of love standing upside down. It happens that you can forget your friend, but you cannot forget your enemy. The enemy haunts you more than the friend. You think more of destroying the enemy than helping the friend. The reason is that love is a thesis -- simple. Hate is an antithesis -- it has become more complicated. It has become negation, and negativity has an attraction -- for many reasons.

One is afraid of negativity because you cannot hate someone without creating a wound within yourself. Nobody pretends hate. It is always authentic, because why should one pretend hate? -- It hurts.

People pretend love; they may not be really in love, but the very idea that they are in love is soothing. So love can remain superficial; but hate always goes deep -- it cannot remain superficial. That's why one becomes more concerned about the enemy than about friends.


  1. Whew-Abhilashaji, is that really you who wrote that philosophy? I'm trying to follow a simple rule these days- don't hate anyone. Turn every angry word into a word of praise for's complicated-let me see if I can do a post on that.:)

  2. WELL.. yes it doesn't seem by me though... well this lass here has various aspects to her...
    apart from me being a computer of my optionals being philosophy..

  3. Excellent.
    But so tough to put into practice.
    Even with the awareness that if one hates, one creates a karmic cycle of give and take, forcing you to encounter that individual again.

  4. hate.. big term haan...dont try to put anythg in practice... if it happens naturally .. dis is it... accept urself.. if u hate someone..its alrite... coz hate and love are just the same...

    One has to see how love becomes hate, how hate becomes love -- that they are capable of transforming into each other. Naturally, they cannot be different energies; just different situations, states, of the same energy.

    As you become aware that love and hate are the same energy, then you are not to be concerned with love and hate, because those are only two poles; you have to be more concerned with the energy of which they are the poles: what is that energy? Watching it, you start a new force within yourself which is synthesis.

    The person you were going to die for, you can kill him! Lovers have killed the same person for whom they would have sacrificed themselves. It is the same energy, but it has turned completely upside down.

  5. *bows in deference to the knowledge lesson in comment above(your reply to Austy's comment):)

  6. ha ha ha!!!... nothing such.. IAS officer banungi ya nahi, philosopher to ban hi jaungi... kya yar,, life sucks man!!