Saturday, March 27, 2010

they made me feel so old..

went for a birthday party... she is 10 yr old.. though one day she tried calling me aunty (me being all of 24) i terrorised her immensely... wat if i m married.. that doesnt mean anyone gets thr right for typecasting me into an aunty... soon the party was gettign really happening... and kids started playing "antakshari"... and me being a very good aunty (read gal).. tried not to be partial and chose to be in both the teams...
suddenly they stuck at a word "h"... and me being in both the sides started singing...."humma humma ..ek ho gaye hum aur tum crap" and suddenly they gave me such looks... "didi ye kaunsa gana hai " and i realised that they have really made me feel so old... dis used to be one of the hot favorite song anytime we used to stuck on a letter "H"... not thr fault... it seems now even i can say... "hamare samay ke gaano ki baat hi kuchh aur thi..."


  1. hehhhe..
    babes i gues its tym we actually watch mtv again nd religiously:)

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